Bed Bug Control – 3 Top Bed Bug Killers

Bed Bug Control – 3 Top Bed Bug Killers is good info for visitor. As you know, I am always on the search for excellent content on Bed Bugs, better understanding that a Bed Bugs is essential for the proper information of a Bed Bugs. Today, I found a very good piece of content that discusses Bed Bugs from a new point of view. Make sure you go over this information and inform me what you think.

Pests have been a major concern in the daily world of civilization. May it be business, industries, commercials, media and plain folks common affairs. In fairness to the little bugs, it gives us something to work in common politically, it unites nations against it, it provides livelihood to millions people worldwide.

However if the votes of birds are counted, they will easily top the billboard. Yes, Bed Bugs prey on birds. In fact they were the first victims. Scientific studies show that ancient Bed Bugs feed only on bird’s blood. Now they have managed to evolved to find the easier prey who cannot fly at the 1st instance of biting – the human species. Now they don’t just climb the little nests but the bigger houses and buildings of hotels wherever people stay.

It is estimated that 5 out of 10 households have Bed Bugs in developed countries where there are most state of the art anti pest programs. So the figure may be more staggering in the under developed and developing countries. There are more families and hotels being infested in the poorer countries. Mainly this due to budget allocation which has to be spent in more important affairs of the nation like food and shelter. Another reason is the lack of education about the bugs and how people could avoid them through least expensive methods.

Literally speaking, Bed Bugs can cause more poverty to some people. There was this story of a family who lost their home when their shanty was gutted away by fire, when the father out of annoyance, killed the bugs with improvised flame thrower using candle, kerosene and bug spray. He miscalculated and hit some fire prone materials under their flooring which is infested with bugs. The bugs were exterminated for sure. But the family needed to find a sleeping place in the streets the following night.

Bed Bugs are small creepy creatures which are flat and oval in shape. This structure enables them to hide in every small crevices of floors, chairs and beds near to where a person are expected to stay for hours. It is quite comforting to note that they are wingless. Because they are more cunning than mosquitoes and drinks more blood undetected.

Before the bugs sucks the food out of you, it injects coagulant and anesthetics to make sure they are not disturbed while feeding. They eat so much and could stay and wait in their hiding place for the next victim even for a year. But don’t worry about the little guy that fed on you last night, there are thousands more waiting for you tonight on the same bed.

Bed Bugs could reproduce three times in its life span. Laying a total of 500 eggs per pregnancy of about 5 eggs per day. The mother could be in its mid life and the multitude od daughters are already laying eggs with her. Look at multi level marketing chart, the bugs are more realistic in reaching its target until the home dwellers knows how to counter them or hires professionals. The Bed Bugs are now the fast spreading pest in the whole world.

What have the sciences have to offer? They are the only institutions or better yet, it has to take pure intelligence of human beings to counter the little than pea brains of these tiny pests.

Through the years, there have been numerous pesticides and insecticides formulated to control Bed Bugs. And the formulation never stops as pests tend to mutate and be more resistive on the next life cycle against the previous series.

There are three groups of substances categorized namely:

  1. Insect Growth Regulators (IGRs) – This substance intends annihilation because it is designed to make Bed Bugs impotent. They do not kill, but it inhibits reproduction. Critical is reliability and accuracy on hitting the right target of infestation and the result will have to wait on the next cycle of reproduction.
  2. Contact Pesticides -are those substances that repels the pests. Makes them go away from their original hiding places. They kill upon being engulfed but allows escape for those who happens to be repelled by its smell. It could be through spray, defogging or liquid, gel application on hiding places. These are considered the fastest way of liquidating Bed Bugs. But these are the least effective for total eradication because the liquids that stay on surfaces where bugs could be walking by will just have to avoid them because they don’t like its smell.
  3. Insecticidal Dust – This is more effective than the contact pesticides. It does kill upon contact by destroying the armor protective layer of the Bed Bugs and penetrates the body system as poison.

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