Bed Bug Prevention Tips – What to Consider While Buying Bed Bug Mattress Covers

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Bed bug bite is a common problem in any household. One who has experienced it knows how painful it may get. Bed Bugs could turn your sleep into a nightmare. There are a very few effective ways to deal with these Bed Bugs or to get rid of these. One of the most effective ways is to go for the bed bug mattress covers that will at least prevent the bugs from coming in contact with your skin.

Bed Bugs are a sort of nesting parasites which feed on the blood of their hosts. These are very cunning organisms-they, after feeding for about ten minutes, go back into hiding, making it difficult for you to find them. Bed Bugs have a round body, with a symmetrically flat shape. These wingless parasites even change in color-before sucking blood they remain brownish in color, which after having sucked blood, changes to dark red to even sometimes to orange.

The bed bug may be small in size but its appetite is not-it may drink blood three times its own weight. It lays eggs every day, about five in number, salt grain sized, which have the longevity of almost a year.

The strategy that these bed infesting bugs adopt is to hide within the mattresses. But buying a mattress cover can help you deal with it. The covers are made up of fabrics that are woven very tightly and prevent the Bed Bugs from finding themselves a safe hiding place. If already bugs are present on or within the mattress then these covers can even trap them inside.

Many types of bed bug mattress covers are available in the market. The best option for you will be to buy a premium zippered mattress encasement and also pillow protectors. These will keep you safe from these ‘vampire’ parasites. If you already know that there are bugs present in other parts of your room, then be cautious about not removing the mattress cover even by mistake because this will give an opportunity to the bugs to enter and nest in the bed. In such cases, what you should first do is to disinfect your house by contacting the local pest control services. They are the best ones to know how to deal with such a problem. They have the right treatments to get rid of these blood-sucking parasites. Most of their treatments are chemical ones and aim at disinfecting the entire house quite effectively.

Why only bed bug mattress covers, mattress covers in general also prove to be very useful keeping your mattress as good as new for a long period of time. Mattress covers which are impermeable are the best ones in this regard. Mattresses, if kept without covers get easily damaged and you have to throw it away at the smallest of tear. This is surely not something you love to do with your mattress!!

One common problem seen is that mattresses often lead to various types of seasonal allergies. The children are usually its worst sufferers. The main agents of this are the dust and pet hairs that get entrapped within your mattress. However, covering it with the impermeable covers will ensure, if not prevention, at least lowering of the risk of allergies.

The impermeable covers also save you against the dust mites. You will be shocked to know, that, even a two year old mattress can be infested with more than ten million dust mites. The mites themselves do not cause any harm but the skin that they shed and their fecal matters cause allergies, aggravating your asthma, bronchitis and cause other sorts of inflammations. These can only be done away with by taking away their source of food. The shed human skins are the primary source of their food and impermeable covers kill them by not allowing them access to these.

The most important reason of investing in an impermeable mattress cover is to prevent bed bug infestations which are at a rise now-a-days. The main reason of their rise is the climate that they thrive in. Temperate climate is ideal for their growth. They actively start feeding on human blood at around dawn. These bugs insert an oily, smelly liquid substance into the host’s blood stream that causes swelling, itching and types of skin irritations. In a year, a bed bug usually lays around 500 eggs which hatch in two weeks and begin feeding on blood. After having matured in five weeks these start the reproductive cycle once again.

The Bed Bugs remain active almost throughout its life period and so it can give you bouts of frustration in trying to do away with it. The only thing you can keep in control is to not allow them to spread within your mattress.

All these must have given you an idea how important bed bug mattress covers are for ensuring your and your family’s good health. So, without wasting any more time, get one today!

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