Get Rid of Bed Bugs

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Bed Bug Bites

If you wake up in the morning looking like you have a patch of chicken pox, you probably have bed bugs. bed bugs spread through clothing, luggage, bedding, etc. and they are exceptional at hiding. They lurk in your bed frame, mattress, and sheets just waiting to get their fill while you are asleep. Its time for those bed bugs to go. But the complication comes because how do you know where they are to kill them.

Diatect is the solution to your problem. bed bugs can only crawl, they can’t jump or fly so diatect created a powder to kill these little pests. Lay a barrier around your home, apt. bedroom and your bed bug problems will dissappear!

People often brush off the idea that they have bed bugs. They wake up with small red welts all over their body and immediately think, “I’m having an allergic reaction”, or “it must be that new laundry detergent I bought”, or even “what an odd rash”.

No one wants to admit that the little welt is a bed bug bite. It’s because dirty people end up with bedbugs. People who sleep in hay and straw will get a bed bug bite. Not us. Not the clean people of the world. We unite in defense of our nicely vacuumed carpet and freshly laundered sheets.

The fact of the matter is that most people who get a bed bug bite are the clean ones. bed bugs can be brought home from cars, hotels, motels, even planes. They burrow themselves into a hidden crevice of your belongings and head home with you. They crawl into your matress, or the crack of a phone, and even your beloved television remote. Odds are even if you are the cleanest person in the world, you have as good a chance as anyone of getting a bed bug bite.

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