Getting Rid of Bedbugs, Mites, Fleas

Getting rid of bugs is very important thing to be free from them so that it should not reoccur. They are spread as an epidemic in 21st century again. United States is highly infested by them. Bugs like to travel all over the worldwide. They come along with the person’s in their suitcase. Once they enter home, they multiple very rapidly and takes shelter in the cracks of furniture, walls, beds etc. It is very necessary to get rid of them as early as possible.

There are various methods through which we can get away from insect and mites. They are as follows.

Getting Rid of Bed Bug Naturally

While giving them treatment the very first thing you can do is to wash all clothes, beddings with extremely hot water and keep all the things that are not washable in the hot dry sun because buggy cannot survive in extreme climate. Also remove all the newspaper and magazines from room where bed bugs hide out. The next step is to remove all bugs and their eggs. This can do easily by vacuum cleaner. The vacuuming not only removes all the pests but also removes all its eggs and dropping. Steam cleaner helps a lot to remove the bugs.

Once they are removed from home the next step is to give proper bed bug treatment naturally. Natural products are safe to human as well as for pets. One can also try fossil shell dust which is naturally obtained from marine organism fossil. It doesn’t allow them to reoccur. This dust once spread, directly goes into skin of bug making it to dehydrate and die. We can also go with the option of traps which is completely non toxic and free from pesticide.

Bed bugs spray

There are various number of sprays available in market. Many people use pesticide to kill the bugs. But permethrins and pyrethrins are the common ingredients to pesticides. It is very effective to kill the bug but at the same time it can be harmful to human and pets. Bug Patrol is a natural pesticide to be use. These all are the bed bug killer.

There is also another method for killing bed bug. One can call the professional exterminator for pest control. There are several methods which shouldn’t be tried like bug bomb or aerosol pesticide because it doesn’t remove the bug from home.

Getting Rid of Bed Mites

We can get rid of bed mites also with help of cleaning. Cleaning is the best solution to keep away bed mites. There are also some sprays like Steri-Fab or Bedlamp which can be directly sprayed on the mites.

Getting Rid of Fleas

The cheapest way to get away from flea is to mix boric acid and salt and all around the infected areas. One can also keep bowl filled with soapy water below the lamp in night to attract more fleas. The next is one can give regular bathe to the pets. These are few safest and cheapest methods to get rid of the fleas.

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