How To Kill Bed Bugs, Lice and Dust Mites Effectively

If your peaceful sleep is being wrecked with the fact that you wake up every morning with bug bites on your body, you may want to find out how to kill bed bugs, lice and dust mites effectively.

What Are They?

These bugs are basically parasites who will be more than happy to live in your bed, mattresses, linens and bed sheets. Bed bugs and lice tend to feed on warm human blood while dust mites feed on the flakes of dead skin. They can be spotted if you look hard enough however most of the time, they remain hidden. If left unchecked, they can easily multiply and pose a health treat later on. That is if they haven’t irritated you with their bite marks resulting in itchiness where they bit you.

Bed bugs tend to leave red raised bite marks on your body and these are normally discovered in the morning when a person wakes up. Lice only prefer to live among a person’s hair. But they can be downright contagious and cause you to have itchy and inflamed head from all the scratching.

How To Kill Them?

Thinking that you have all these bugs running loose on your bed, carpets and clothing is enough to drive you to seek proper remedy to kill all of them. The first step would be to remove all bed linens, sheets, pillow cases to have them washed with hot water and dried in the dryer. Heat tends to kill these bugs. Vacuum the carpet or have it washed as well. Secondly, you need to purchase some beg bug control. These are basically insecticides which are sold by your local pest control store. Using these insecticides with a combination of keeping your house clean are effective steps to getting rid of these bugs.

If you discovered any lice on yourself or your children, then the whole family will have to wash periodically with shampoo and soap. Make sure you have all your clothing washed with hot water as well. Any stuffed toys should be sealed in a plastic bag or washed. If your kids are constantly having lice problem even after you managed to get rid of them, the problem may be from the other kids in school that they are hanging out with. These kids may have lice and therefore have passed them to your kids. Find out who they normally hang out with and check the kids’ scalps. Inform the parents and let them know if it is found to be true that the other kids do have lice.

Dust mites tend to thrive and feast on dead skin flakes that are shed by humans. One of the ways to get rid of them is to tackle the dust issue in your home. Constantly keep your home clean by vacuuming and getting rid of dust particles. They don’t call the dust mites for anything. Because it is the by-product of these dust mites that will trigger allergies.


Using a combination of insecticide and keeping your home clean constantly will help to kill and get rid of these unwanted bugs effectively. It requires discipline on our part as well.

Amelia Warmheart is an avid traveler but a lousy cook. When not traveling or recovering from jet lag, she shares tips on how to kill bed bugs, lice and dust mites effectively. You need to get some bed bug control and constantly keep your home clean to prevent these pests from multiplying.

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