Killing Bedbugs With Garlic Powder? Is It Possible?

Chiggers are very small, red mites with six legs that live in weeds, tall grass and berry patches. Once a chigger bites you, it causes itching that is very severe. Once the chiggers start to bite and attach to the skin, you develop reddish bumpy rashes or pimples around the ankles, and waist. Treating chigger bites involves taking care of the itching. At night the itching can become extreme, so it is important to treat the symptoms of chigger bites before it becomes worst. Constant scratching at the rash site can cause a secondary skin infection to occur, adding another layer to your misery.

Often people treat these itchy sites with antihistamine creams and cortisone lotions. The rashes caused by the chigger bites themselves will go away without any extra treatment, but as stated before, it’s the itching that needs the most attention. Other than common anti-itch creams, aspirin dissolved in warm water and applied to the bumps can work as well. Some people use nail polish and others say that applying lice medications help. Once you have treated the itching, you need to take care of the chiggers. That means removing them from your lawn. Chiggers tend to produce in the summer and fall months. One of the best remedies for removing chiggers from your outdoor space is sulfur pellets. Chigger do not like the smell of these organic pellets, and the best thing is that there aren’t any harmful chemicals. Another treatment to consider for your yard is beneficial nematodes. These organisms attack and feed on the chigger larvae by entering its body. In about 48 hours the chigger larvae will die, and then the nematode will go to the next one.

While you are treating your yard area for the chiggers, it would be wise to avoid the area until you are sure the have been removed or killed using best roach killer. If the chigger bites and subsequent rash are more than you can bear, consult with your physician. Your doctor can diagnose the cause by looking at the rash. He or she can prescribe something stronger to treat chigger bites or medicine for any infection that may have occurred. Stay calm during the extreme itchiness and know that it will pass.

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